Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mr. Sci Fi Hero

Presenting Francis:

And as the usual tradition goes, heres the original with minor cc in lightroom:

So yes, I wish I could've gotten natural flares like that from my headlights, but sadly that was impossible. Even with my headlights, I just got a ghastly glow. So I opted to used video software adobe after effects and the plug in optical flares to do the lens flares. For the record, adding lens flares has got to be one of the coolest most fun edits you can do on a photo haha

For the physical lighting, we were in a parking garage with terrible overhead lights which I removed in post(along with a pillar). So I set up one flash at full power through an umbrella just slightly to camera right. My second flash was to far camera left bare and at half power. That gave most of the shadows and the awesome highlight!

And for kicks, here's one of me:

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  1. pretty good results considering all the overhead lighting. i am impressed. +follow