Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cries Lost in a Pool

Here is the final image that I am quite proud of:

And.. dun dun dun dun... here's the original:

So alot of things going on here to say the least. First off, I edited it in Adobe After Effects for video editing, because that's what I was most comfortable with at the time. The water, which took ALOT of minor tweaking was a 3D layer of fractal noise, scaled and tinted black and blue, and with a slight blur. I really think the reflection on the water helps sell it, although it's pretty obvious its cg water.

I did the makeup/running mascara in AE also, which was to protest from the model Chelsea who was alot the MU artist for this shoot. It was a mix of the burn tool and color overlays to get the look I wanted. I also probably added a turbulent displace to try to get some organic curves. I also added a touch of blue to her eyes and some glossiness to her hair.

Lastly I did some color grading and blasted the contrast beyond normally acceptable limits haha and added a bluish tint with a curves adjustment. And wa-lah.

Hope you guys like it.

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